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Design on a Dime

Hello, Glossers!

Do you ever wistfully wish your space could look high-end without having to shell out a truckload of cash? (That’s a rhetorical question: who doesn’t want the look of custom without the high cost?)

Lucky ducks -- bluGloss helps you design with confidence, even while on a budget.

Decorating Your New Home - Part 1

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This is the 1st post in a 3-part series on decorating a new home.

Forget the Lincoln Bedroom: Buy a Sleeper Sofa Fit for a VIP

Design with confidence at

A comfortable, stylish sleeper sofa is akin to the Holy Grail. When (if) you find this space-saving gem, you better hold on to it for life. 

bluGloss Chief Designer, Matt O'Dorisio, weighs in on sleepers that won't break the back (or the bank):

In the Mood

Dinner rezzies? Check.

Valentine? Check.

Box of chocolates? Check (albeit b-o-r-i-n-g).

Come-hither lighting? Check.

For those of you with kids, a lock on the door? Check.

A mood-setting boudoir? (crickets.)

Still living with hand-me-down bedroom furniture, or a not-quite-intentional mix-and-matched situation?

Well, we say, "No more"! It's time to bid adieu to book crates from Ikea, and wish a warm hello to luxe linens and chic decor.