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Muffy, Buffy and All Things Preppy

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Pass the plaid and monogrammed (anything), and bring on the pink and green – preppy is back (did it ever go away?) in a big way. (To those of you who never quit your Le Sportsac bag, we applaud you.)

Singing the Blu(es)

You might’ve guessed, we’re partial to blu(e). We love it for its beauty and versatility (did you know that “blueness" is a real word?); there’s a blue for any mood, any vibe and any size room. It’s the ultimate neutral. While we could pontificate about this color until we are blue in the face (ba da dum), we’ll spare you the jibber-jabber and present you instead with some visuals so you can see for yourself how to “do blue” (images courtesy of Elle Décor and Lonny).