Category: Bedroom

In the Mood

Dinner rezzies? Check.

Valentine? Check.

Box of chocolates? Check (albeit b-o-r-i-n-g).

Come-hither lighting? Check.

For those of you with kids, a lock on the door? Check.

A mood-setting boudoir? (crickets.)

Still living with hand-me-down bedroom furniture, or a not-quite-intentional mix-and-matched situation?

Well, we say, "No more"! It's time to bid adieu to book crates from Ikea, and wish a warm hello to luxe linens and chic decor.

Go To Bed Sleepyhead

Sleep is the best meditation. ~ Dalai Lama

We recognize those dark circles, those puffy eyes, that look of quiet desperation; we're onto you. You've been working late, rising early and -- though you're a total rock star -- sleep would be oh, so amazing (and no, caffeine does not a good night make). To help you catch those much needed zzzzs, here are some sure ways to get a better night's sleep.