"It's like magic in 3 clicks of a mouse." --

"It's like magic in 3 clicks of a mouse."

YDesign Group and bluGloss Announce Strategic Alliance

The launch of bluGloss’ “Shoppable Rooms™” empowers consumers to trust themselves to make confident, informed, and personalized purchases of retail home décor.

Home decorating is no longer an uncertain drag, thanks to the team at Team bluGloss is led by passionate serial consumers of online retail home décor, co-founders Amy Joachim and Andrea Helft.  Joining them is Chief Designer Matt O’Dorisio, the Los Angeles-based luminary interior designer who -- together with Michael Smith -- helped design the Obama White House. Through bluGloss, O’Dorisio and his design team provide visitors with expert predictive home decorating advice and curated product suggestions. This combined guidance ensures that consumers will efficiently and effectively achieve their desired outcome, whatever their budget.

PALO ALTO, February 18, 2014 bluGloss, an innovative startup dedicated to building a practical, fun and easy home decorating destination, has launched’s Shoppable Rooms™. The Shoppable Rooms™ tool is a fun, interactive website that provides objective designer guidance and instruction about how consumers can confidently implement the looks and product from inspirational images into their own homes.  

bluGloss was born out of the shared frustration of co-founders Amy Joachim and Andrea Helft over the challenges of designing their own homes. Both women found working within the existing home decorating paradigm an impersonal, risky, and inefficient chore.

“Until now, decorating has been fun to the point of finding inspiration. I love looking at and pinning beautiful home décor images as much as the next gal. But after the point of inspiration, the process is fraught with stress and questions around making your pinned dreams come true in your personal space: Will this fit? Will the pieces I love in this photo look good together in my space? Will these pieces combine with what I already own to achieve a desired aesthetic? Can I get similar retail items at a reasonable price? bluGloss walks the consumer through that process, bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, and making the entire process straightforward and addicting,” says co-founder and President Andrea Helft.  

With Shoppable Rooms™, consumers can browse inspirational images of designed rooms by style, room type, celebrity, and/or high-end designer. Shoppable Rooms™ provides the consumer with useful, high-end guidance to which they often don’t have access. That guidance illuminates a clear plan for incorporating the inspirational aesthetic into their own unique space. The consumer can then use the knowledge and advice gained to trust themselves to make selections from the curated product presented to them.

"Shoppable Rooms™ is bluGloss' first step toward fulfilling its mission of empowering consumers to make confident purchases of home décor,” explains Amy Joachim, bluGloss Co-founder and CEO. "It is the first of a suite of online tools through which bluGloss will take the risk and hassle out of the home decorating process, and give consumers the ability to easily navigate the decorating process and make confident purchases."

bluGloss released Shoppable Rooms™ in conjunction with its bluBlog, which provides additional expert guidance and education around the successful navigation of the decorating process. 

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