Merry Thanksgiving and a Table-Ready New Year (With Love from Team bluGloss and Loom Decor)

We at Team bluGloss love the holidays, but MAN are they hectic. Especially this year -- with Thanksgiving falling so late in the month -- there is less time to "prepare" for the extended holiday season.

Enter bG Chief Interior Designer Matt O'Dorisio, Designer to to the Stars and Presidential Homemaker, and bG's chic, design-it-yourself, home decor partner Loom Decor, to ease your holiday table setting decor challenges. Together, they will ease that challenge by helping you set a versatile table that you can enjoy well after the New Year. At the same time, they will ensure that you don't spend indiscriminately on the centerpiece of your celebration.

Bring home inspired design at

Bring home inspired design at

Matt spent some quality time explaining to loyal bluGlosser and guest interviewer, Katie, to tell her how he designed an adaptable and festive holiday table.

* * *

Katie: Hi, Matt! I'm so honored to be bG's guest interviewer this month. I've had a blast creating bluBoards and have learned so much from your team's guidance on the site. I feel like I've gone from novice consumer to Designer-In-Training in a couple of weeks. A big thank you to bluGloss!

Matt: Our pleasure, Katie. Design principles don't have to be complicated. But they do need to be taught. And the best way to learn the principles is by having an expert tell you how and why they incorporated a certain principle, and then trying it for yourself.  

Katie:That's just what I intend to do after talking with you about the holiday table you styled with Loom Decor. Can you tell us a bit more about Loom Decor?

Matt: Of course! Loom Decor is a fantastic company with an interactive website that allows you to mix and match designer (!) fabrics on custom products. bG's decor scouts are ALWAYS searching high and low to find the best possible value in home decor. I don't curate based on brand alone, nor do I ever curate an item because it is low-cost. Rather, I require quality, flexibility, and fresh design -- all of which you get from Loom Decor.  

Katie: I have sourced product from Loom Decor for several of my bluBoards, and have purchased several items as well. I am amazed by the the quality, and I especially love how they empower me to put a unique spin on the designs.  I know I won't see the same design that I choose in everyone else's home. I was so excited to find out that you were curating a table setting selection for them; I know that means I will learn even more about their products, and will be able to design my own table setting with confidence. Can you tell us how you went through the process?

Matt: When curating these Loom Decor fabrics, I knew I wanted them to be useful not only for Thanksgiving, but also for the December holidays and beyond. I chose the Ming Dragon - Midnight as the lead fabric for the placemats because it had a combination of the cool wintery blue colors, which I love, but also had warm honey beige and a warm yellow hue (which is why it works so well for Thanksgiving).

Simple Placements in Ming Dragon - Midnight (Set of 4) -- Loom Decor ($54)

Katie: It is so interesting, because I don't know if I would have thought "Thanksgiving" or "Christmas" if I saw Ming Dragon in Midnight in isolation.

Matt: Well, that's the trick. I like to customize the design to the specific holiday or event using flowers, candles, plates and glasses. Here, we used earth tones -- yellow and brown -- to push the table closer to Fall than to Winter. We used the yellow side of the Loom Decor table runner to warm up the table as well. The Loom Decor napkins have equal amounts of yellow and beige as they do white and blue.

Bring home inspired design at

Katie: It's so beautiful. I also love the contemporary design of the dinner napkins. They give the table a hip look.

Matt: Exactly. As do the Loom Decor custom zig-zag curtains.

Katie: And those tinted glasses -- where can I find those?

Matt: As I said, the "accessories" are what make the table holiday specific. Those glasses are from Williams-Sonoma. I love their rich color.

Bring home inspired design at www.bluGloss.comLuster Amber Champagne Flutes (Set of 4) - Williams-Sonoma ($47.96)

Katie: The dinner plates are so perfect as well.

Matt: Yes, Williams-Sonoma made a stunning plate that is so Thanksgiving chic.

Bring home inspired design at
Botanical Pumpkin Dinner Plates (Set of 4) - Williams-Sonoma ($47.96)

I also added a touch of groove with these Crate&Barrel metallic candle holders.

Bring home inspired design at www.bluGloss.comDenby Candle Holders - Crate&Barrel ($12.95-$19.95)

Finally, I added a delicate touch by arranging the yellow and orange flowers in low drinking glasses. I added some tangerines with the stem and leaves still on them to bring in just a touch of green.

Bring home inspired design at

Katie: The result is so beautiful; I can't wait to incorporate these principles into my own table setting this week.

Matt: Well, remember, these are staples I've curated from Loom Decor. Even if you have your runner, placemats, dinner napkins and curtains for this year, you should buy these designs to use in December and beyond. Another huge perk from Loom Decor is that these designs I've put together can be shipped to you very quickly. You can start using them right away!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at bluGloss! We're very thankful for you, Glossers.

We'll be back on Friday with Cyber Monday tips -- and look for Part II of this interview when Matt magically transforms the table into one appropriate for Christmas or Hannukah. It's ah-ma-zing.

Want to confidently design your holiday table? Head on over to to make all of your holiday decor dreams a reality.

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