Happy Holidays and a Table-Ready New Year (With Love from Team bluGloss and Loom Decor)

(This is Part II of bG Chief Interior Designer, Matt O'Dorisio's interview with loyal bluGlosser and guest interviewer, Katie, to tell her how he designed an adaptable and festive holiday table. For Part I of this interview, click here.)

As we were discussing in a previous blog post, with Thanksgiving falling so late in the month, there is less time to "prepare" for the extended holiday season.

Enter bG Chief Interior Designer Matt O'Dorisio, Designer to to the Stars and bG's chic, design-it-yourself, home decor partner Loom Decor, to ease your holiday table setting decor challenges. Together, they will ease that challenge by helping you set a versatile table that you can enjoy through the holidays and well after the New Year. At the same time, they will ensure you don't spend indiscriminately on the centerpiece of your celebration.

* * *

Matt: These are staples I've curated from Loom Decor. Even if you already had another runner, placemats, dinner napkins and curtains for Thanksgiving this year, these designs would be put to good use in December and beyond (including next Thanksgiving). Another huge perk from Loom Decor is that these designs I've put together can be shipped to you very quickly. You can start using them right away!

Katie: My curiosity has peaked. How did the designs you selected for the Thanksgiving table lend themselves to December holidays?

Matt: How DON'T they is the real question. Changing the table for Christmas was easy because we used mostly the same collection. From Loom Decor, I kept the Ming Dragon placemats, the Time Capsule dinner napkins, the zig zag curtains and the Crate&Barrel candleholders. Then, I flipped the runner to the blue side. And voila . . .

Katie: Wow! It's a completely different look and feel!

Matt: The secret to this table's transformation is in the accessories. First off, using pale blue hydrangeas really changes the mood of the table. Also, the snowflake hurricaines (into which I placed drinking glasses) made wonderful vases for the wintery blue flowers. I also changed out the gold chargers for silver ones (holiday decorating MUST include a bit of metallic shimmer, right?), both from Williams-Sonoma. I also kept the amber Williams-Sonoma glasses. They add a bit of warmth to the table.

Katie: I completely "get" how to do this now. I would never have thought of keeping a consistent base for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Matt: For the change-over, you can get as "Christmas-y" as you'd like. These Christmas tree plates look like they cost a fortune but they don't:

Gold Tree Plates (Set of 4) - Williams-Sonoma ($51.95)

A more formal napkin ring is also a good addition. Finally, some ornaments and pomegranates in a glass bowl for a pop of red -- Merry Christmas!

Katie: I'm on bluGloss.com ordering the plates right now.

Matt: If you celebrate Hanukkah, the possibilities are also endless. I want to marry these dreidel napkin rings, I love them so much. Sub in a basic white plate for the tree plates, and you have yourself a proper Hannukah table.

Katie: I'm already thinking about how I can use these Loom Decor designs in 2015.

Matt: Easy! These fabrics would also be fantastic in the spring with pops of fuchsia pink.

Katie: Thanks, Matt. I can't wait to source more accessories on my bluBoards.

Matt: Make sure to share your finds on Pinterest. I love sharing these ideas and seeing how people incorporate the concepts into their own designs.

Katie: Absolutely. I can't wait. Thanks so much. And Happy Holidays!

Matt: Happy Holidays to you, and to bluGlossers everywhere.

Happy Holidays!
Team bluGloss

Want to confidently design your holiday table? Head on over to bluGloss.com to make all of your holiday decor dreams a reality.


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