Pretty in Pink: It's Not Just for the Ladies

Photo credit: The National Breast Cancer Foundation

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, bluGloss is going pink: we dedicate this post to everyone -- everywhere -- who has been or will be affected by breast cancer.

Let's start by setting the mood -- click here.

Pink Gets a Bad Rap

Too often, pink is pigeonholed as girly or juvenile. Well, no more -- nobody puts (pink) baby in a corner! Though it’s true that pink is the ultimate feminine color -- we'd argue it’s much more versatile than you might think at first, ahem, blush.

Pink Takes Center Stage

Here are examples that satisfy all the stereotypes -- and they are still awesome. A shout out to pink that's feminine and over-the-top girly.

Photo credit: Real Simple

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Pink: Soft as a....Baby's Bottom?

Ahhhh....relaxing. We love this less in-your-face application of pink.

Photo credit: Dering Hall

And, take a gander at this gender-neutral pastel (!) pink room. We doubt he sleeps in pink rooms very often, but when the Most Interesting Man in the World does, we bet it's in a room like this one:

Photo credit: Elle Decor, Pink wall color here.

Our Baby's All Grown Up

Pink also has a sophisticted side. In these next examples, pink creates a feminine space, but one that's not too girly (and one that is certainly not juvenile).

Get the look here.

Photo credit: Dering Hall

Here is big, bold and beautiful pink; but with a less feminine and less traditional application:

Deisgned by Summer Thornton Design

So, whether it's unabashedly bold and feminine Pink...

...or pink that's a bit more demure...

we are confident there's probably a pink out there for you.

Glossers, what do you think? Could you do a pink-walled bedroom? Would pink drapes make your heart sing, or your stomach churn?

To those of you in the fight against breast cancer -- our thoughts are with you.
The bG Design Team

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Here are a few breast cancer-related organizations whose good work deserves a standing ovation, and who could always use your help:


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