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bluGloss Chief Designer Matt O'Dorisio Gives You A Designer's Take on 5 Design Trends

We've all been there. Jumped in with both feet to embrace a design trend, then later grimaced when the photos resurfaced and we could pinpoint the exact year based on the decor. 

You know what we mean. 

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The lesson: just because big-time designers and shelter mags are going ape-crazy for "the next big thing" doesn't mean you need embrace it with impunity. As we all know, decorating is expensive. And while a fashionable touch here and there is fun, we want our decor to be somewhat timeless so that we aren't forced to re-design every year.

Here to provide further instruction is our very own Matt O'Dorisio, with some commentary on the ups and downs of 5 current design trends:

1.  Purple People Eater 

Purple is bugging me. I'm seeing a TON of overdone purple, as well as shades of purple that make me wince. That doesn't make those shades poor choices (at least in someone else's home); it just means that they aren't right for me. Is this design speak for "it's not you; it's me"?

Here's an example of totally overdone purple:

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Ick. I would be sick of this in two seconds flat because there is nothing to tone it down.  

This is an example of a sophisticated use of purple (which still may be too much for some people):

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See the difference? The second room mixes in neutral pieces; a necessity to tone down the richness of color. The first piece is too much of a good (or maybe not so good) thing. It over-saturates and overwhelms. And please -- purple or no purple -- let's lose the tassels on the backs on the dining room chairs.

2. Grey Swedish Furniture

Listen, I love the Swedes as much as the next guy. I'm particularly partial to this fellow:

And I love a cool, calm, understated look. But it can go too far for my taste. Invite your insomniac friends over to sit in this living room. They will be cured the minute they walk in.

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I prefer this look. The white brings in a more fresh feel. Also brings in neutrals to break up the grey. Less boring; more crisp.

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3. Hollywood Regency

I'm even tired of the name (not to be confused with bG's super-fab, appropriately curated Hollywood Glam).

This one can go over-the-top rather quickly. Here's an example:

Photo credit: Design Crisis

On the other hand, when Hollywood Regency is done right -- it's to die for. This room is near and dear to my heart, as it was designed by my mentor Joe Nye.  

Bring home inspired design at www.bluGloss.comPhoto credit: House Beautiful

Note the anchor pieces in cool colors and neutrals. Those are key to keeping this look tasteful. When you have curved pieces and ornate detail, grounding color is a must. Also make sure pieces aren't too ornate. Overly-ornate pieces quickly start to look tacky. Of course, throw in the occasional stand-out -- here, the zebra-striped stool -- and you will successfully have moved from Hollywood Regency to Hollywood Glam.

4. Lucite

I'm annoyed about this one because I LOVE lucite. It is so versatile. It helps so much when you are low on space and/or have an otherwise busy room. But honestly, let's not make the space look like a ghost lives there:

The trick to lucite is to use it SPARINGLY. A small touch here or there goes a long way:

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5. Dirty 70s

OK, so maybe this isn't an official name, but dirty is how the vintage 70s style gone wrong looks (and for those of you who skipped the rest of the post and zeroed right in on this section, for shame! If you are confused about what I mean, here is a sample of a space I'd like to wash with 3 bottles of Clorox:

Photo credit: Tumblr

I'm sure it's totally clean. But it just gives me a hankering to sterilize.

THIS, on the other hand, pays appropriate homage to the decade, without giving the feeling that the space actually IS 40+ years old:

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And that, my friends, is my take on these 5 design trends. Really, though, your decor should speak to YOU, not to me. So go with what you love. Just know that if you mess it up, I may not speak to you. But in that case, don't worry. It's not you; it's me.

Design With Confidence,

Matt and Team bluGloss

Wondering what design trends to incorporate into your space? Come on over to www.bluGloss.com for guidance.

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