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The blogosphere. That space where everyone has something to say. At times, it can be the virtual version of dreaded holiday dinners with extended family.

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The blogosphere covers the gamut: you have the incessant diatribes on too-personal topics from random cousins you see (hopefully) only once a year; the uninformed opinions (stated as fact) of your crazy aunt; the creepy comments of the guy everyone refers to as your "uncle", even though (fingers crossed) he's not. In short, there's much potentially getting in the way of you enjoying your turkey dinner.

On the flip side, the blogosphere simultaneously offers the equivalent of family and friends you are dying to see: the wise elder who doesn't say much (but drops insightful comments for those who listen carefully); the informative types who keep you in-the-know; and the super-fun handful with whom you are happy to share commonality.

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bG is here to help you navigate the crazy "uncles" and super-boring cousins of the blogosphere, and to make sure you spend your hard-earned free time only with quality design blogs.

One great source for fun, informative blogs (and the venue we will focus on in this post) is retailer sites. Admittedly, it's not the first place you might think of when looking for design blogs. But we happen to know some high-quality folks who produce fantastic blogs with a wealth of information -- not only about their own product, but also about designers and trends.


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No surprise, as we LOVE all things oomph -- we also love their blog. You can find sneak previews about their product, as well as info about working with specific furniture pieces.

A sneak preview sample:
oomph: new from oomph!

You can't get much more pinpointed (or helpful) than this post on How To Style An Etagere:

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comoomph: How to Style an Etagere

The Kuotes Blog

Ever heard of a Ginger Jar? Did you know that they have many, many design uses? Kathy Kuo shares a wealth of Ginger Jar intel (and more!) in her inspirational blog.

Design wtih confidence at www.bluGloss.comThe Kuotes Blog - Style Notes: Ginger Jar Decor

Wondering how to design a breakfast nook? Supplement bG-provided design advice with style notes from Kathy herself (and see the bG interview with Kathy Kuo here).

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comThe Kuotes Blog - Style Notes: Designing a Glamorous Breakfast Nook

Canvas Style

A retailer's blog should convey the purpose and vision of the brand. Canvas Style (the Canvas Interiors blog) does just that, driving home what makes their product so unique.

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comCanvas Style - First Loves
A great design blog will also inspire by sharing novel ideas and collections.

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comCanvas Style - Collections

The Story: a blog from Serena & Lily

Finally, a great blog will introduce talented designers, artists and trends. Serena & Lily's blog facilitates these connections.

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comThe Story - Artist Spotlight: Jenny Prinn

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comThe Story - Color Theory: Jade

Bonus: many of these blogs include lists of blogs they love, which are solid leads to quality design blogs as well. Kind of follows the adage that you and your friends' friends will probably have a lot in common.

So while you might continue to be forced to sit next to your run-at-the-mouth cousin's mother-in-law at the next holiday event, balance that experience by having these links saved as favorites and keeping your phone handy when you see her coming.  

In other words, "in" with The Cosbys and "out" with the Tennenbaums. Enjoy your turkey dinner!

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