Taylor Jacobson on Interior Design

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bluGloss Chief Designer, Matthew O'Dorisio, recently sat down with Taylor Jacobson, of Taylor Jacobson Interior Design, to talk about what inspires her and how she came to be a highly sought-after interior designer.

Matt: Hi Taylor. Thanks for talking to me today. I am especially excited to talk to you because I love your style -- but it is so different from my own.

Taylor: Hi Matt. I'm thrilled as well. 

Matt: OK - let's get started. How did you get your start in the interior design business?

Taylor: I come from an artistic family . . . everyone back to my great grandparents were actors, writers, artists and architects, so I was influenced by that from an early age. Ten years ago I was working as a graphic designer in the Bay Area and co-founded a silkscreen apparel company with a friend who was living in LA. I eventually moved to LA to continue the business, but soon thereafter we dissolved the company. I decided to try to get a job in an interior design firm, since I had always been interested in that field. I was lucky enough to get hired by one of the top designers in LA, so I dove in and learned everything on the job. I worked there for four years and then moved on to start my own company.

Matt: From where do you pull most of your inspiration? 

Taylor: Inspiration is everywhere, especially living in LA. I love mid-century design and that's big here, as is the whole 'indoor outdoor' style of living, which I love. I get inspired by shelter magazines, blogs, travel, my community of friends and peers who all seem to be doing amazingly creative things. 

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Matt: What are your favorite things to mix with vintage?

Tayler: "Mixing" is my mantra! I never want to do too much of any one style. I love an eclectic look, and the only way to achieve that is by picking and choosing favorite pieces from different time periods or styles. I generally like to keep the bigger furniture elements in a room fairly clean-lined or neutral and then layer in funky side tables, lighting, textiles or accessories to give the room that collected, personal feeling. I'm also not snobby and a big fan of the "high/low" theory...a Crate & Barrel sofa can look awesome paired with a fabulous vintage coffee table.

Matt: From where do you source items?

Taylor: Having good sources is crucial, and for me that's developed over time as I've become more familiar with dealers and shops in LA, as well as certain on-line sources. I definitely have my go-to favorite sites for classic, standard pieces that can anchor a room. But then I have to get off the computer and hit the shops for those one of a kind pieces that make a space truly unique. I also love to work with local craftspeople to create custom furniture pieces. It's really fun to collaborate with other artists.

Matt: How do you feel about the gray swedish/reclaimed wood/Restoration Hardware look?

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Taylor: That's a beautiful look, and I love that calm, refined sensibility. It won't work in every space, though. I like it in a classic Parisian apartment, or even a white, modern space, but not so much in, say, a Palm Springs mid century modern. Furnishings should speak to the space in which they're placed. And again, I wouldn't decorate with all one style.

Matt: What do you think about wallpaper?

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Taylor: Wallpaper is making a big comeback and I think it's really fun. I shied away from it at first, but I've used it now several times on projects and it makes such an impact. I love texture and there's nothing like a beautiful grasscloth to warm up a space and add that tactile element. Just make sure you loves it before you have it installed! It's a bit of a commitment.

Matt: Tell me how you approach art.

Taylor: One thing that I think is so important is the element of the handmade. This is probably due in part to my parents' aesthetic, and I loved being surrounded by ceramics, art, and sculpture as a child. It's one of my favorite things to walk into a room and see original artwork, or a handmade piece of pottery...it just immediately tells you that someone actually lives in this space and appreciates objects that tell a story. Our homes should feel unique and personal and lived in!

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Matt: Thank you Taylor! You are such a talented designer - I love bringing you to our bluGloss readers!

Taylor: Thank you Matt! It's an honor for me to be part of bluGloss. 

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