Coffee and Cocktails: The Table That Keeps On Giving

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Coffee tables or cocktail tables (which is how I refer to them) are relatively new on the scene. There are a few that date back to the late 1800's, but that is a little late in the game for a table that is standard in homes all over the world.

Japan has used the low tables for the longest period of time, though they were never referred to as a "cocktail table." This is why so many low tables have an Asian aesthetic.

The low table is incredibly versatile. It is the perfect element to jazz up a traditional interior. Nothing is more beautiful then a gorgeous, traditionally appointed room with a groovy contemporary cocktail table. I rarely use these words but if you have a sofa in a room you absolutely MUST HAVE a coffee table in front of it.

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Right now low cocktail tables are all the rage. Most tables are 18" to about 20" tall but I am putting 13" to 15" high tables into a lot of clients' homes.

Here are some of my favorite cocktail tables, all of which can be found through the bluGloss "shop" feature:

This low and simple cocktail table is gorgeous! An Asian influence, with a shiny finish over bamboo, is such an interesting texture. This is a really beautiful table.Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comNassau Coffee Table - Williams-Sonoma

I just die for these brass bunching tables from Crate & Barrel. They look great in a traditional setting and they have a cool 70's/80's vibe, which I love.

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comPascal Bunching Tables - Crate & Barrel

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If your living room is feeling a little tired, try a red coffee table from Oomph. You will be amazed!

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comFenwick Coffee Table - Oomph

Kathy Kuo knocked it out of the park with this one. The steel and reclaimed wood is sophisticated without being pretentious.

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comDarren Contemporary Reclaimed Wood Steel Coffee Table - Kathy Kuo Home

I am not going to apologize -- this table is still one of my absolute favorites!

Design with confidence at www.bluGloss.comNoguchi Table - YLiving

Happy decorating!

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