12 Days of Christmas, Day 11 – Last Minute Finds

Photo courtesy of Belle Maison

We’ve all experienced it. That moment when you realize you haven't completed your holiday shopping. Usually because your mom added someone like your “cousin” (you’re still pushing for DNA testing before you will admit coming from the same gene pool) Jed to the mix for Christmas Day. But sometimes, the person you overlooked is someone you really like.  And you are at a loss for finding them a last-minute gift.

Never fear! bluGloss has the cure for that ailment. We call it “Decking the shelves” -- your shelves -- with universally appealing items that most anyone will love. This strategy puts you in a position to walk to your cabinet and -- bam! -- there's the perfect gift.

So, quick!  Stock up and avoid the dreaded last-minute trip to the (dare we say it?) mall.

Who doesn’t need to keep their paperwork under control?

Gift with confidence at www.bluGloss.comSt. Jude® Glass Knot Paperweight - west elm

Salty-sweet.  Everyone’s favorite.

Gift with confidence at www.bluGloss.com

White Snowflake Pretzels - Crate&Barrel

We all need a drinking buddy.  One that doesn’t talk is ideal:

Gift with confidence at www.bluGloss.com

drinking buddy bottle opener - umbra

And our drinking buddies need a place to set their drinks:

Gift with confidence at www.bluGloss.com

Jonathan Adler Hollywood Coaster Set - Zinc Door

And, finally, something to light their way home after everyone has enjoyed each other’s company:

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Metallic Tinned Candle - Rejuvenation

Stocked with the basic furnishings, but uncertain about how to pull it all together? Find out at bluGloss.com.

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Happy Holidays!
The bluGloss Design Team