Singing the Blu(es)

You might’ve guessed, we’re partial to blu(e). We love it for its beauty and versatility (did you know that “blueness" is a real word?); there’s a blue for any mood, any vibe and any size room. It’s the ultimate neutral. While we could pontificate about this color until we are blue in the face (ba da dum), we’ll spare you the jibber-jabber and present you instead with some visuals so you can see for yourself how to “do blue” (images courtesy of Elle Décor and Lonny).

Combine blended neutral-based blues (blue/greens, blue/beiges, blue/greys) to enable them to co-exist in the same space. Done right, it could win you a Bluebel Prize for decorating:

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Use blue to do to a room the opposite of what we at bluGloss attempt to do by wearing all black: paint a room in a cool blue to make the room appear bigger than it really is: 

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Have a dark space that you need to lighten up (our fingers just pavlov’d up to cover the circles under our eyes)? Go with a bright blue, like this teal blue, to give the space some life:

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bluGlossers, how do you use blue? Tell us what has worked (and what hasn’t) during your blue periods.

Your Design Partners,
The bluGloss Team