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Design with confidence at #GlossLikeABoss

Team bluGloss is excited to announce the launch of our newest design feature, GlossIt!, the tool that bridges the gap between design inspiration and execution.  

Dad's Favorite Chair

To Dads everywhere – for all you do, thank you. We know you deserve a medal, or better, a seat to call your own. While it may not be a man cave, we think it’s high time (especially in Colorado and Oregon) for you to take a load off, turn on the game and start your man-harrumph-ing, all from the comfort of a new, just-for-you, chair.

Blogs We Love (and Know You Will, Too)

The blogosphere. That space where everyone has something to say. At times, it can be the virtual version of dreaded holiday dinners with extended family.

Design with confidence at
Photo credit: Watching Ourselves

Lucite - Now You See (Through) It

Ah, the wonderful world of Lucite. Want to add more fabulous to your life? So do we and we know just the trick - acrylic decor. Check out these fab inspirational images for ideas on how to incorporate a little Lucite into your space:

Photo credit: Sterling Style