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Merry Thanksgiving and a Table-Ready New Year (With Love from Team bluGloss and Loom Decor)

We at Team bluGloss love the holidays, but MAN are they hectic. Especially this year -- with Thanksgiving falling so late in the month -- there is less time to "prepare" for the extended holiday season.

It's as American as Apple Pie

It's a design revolution at

Happy 4th of July Glossers! Break out those sparklers, fire up the Q’ and join us in celebratating this amazing, diverse land. We love our melting pot, Benneton ad of a country.

You're So Mod

Constantly rethinking the style or layout of a room? Trying to find a piece of furniture to fit in an odd space? Have a small space and want a customized fit without custom price? Modular furniture is a great way to change up the look of an interior, or customize it to suit your needs. 

These modern components can create ever-changing looks by being mixed and matched or added on. "Show me some of our most sought-after pieces in a range of prices," you say? Done!

Great Decor for Any Budget

Thinking about revamping your space, but stopped in your tracks by fear that quality (well-made and fashionable) design will break the bank? Fear no more - we're here to prove that beautiful product is available for any budget (even yours). 

Below, the bluGloss Design Team share their look-alike picks that represent a range of prices. 

The DWR sofa is a brighter, bolder color but both convey the same aesthetic - modern, clean, red. We bet Don Draper would be satisfied with either.