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Making Space . . . Out of Nothing At All

Does the Air Supply run a little a low in your space? Are you All Out of Love for your cramped home? We have good news for you: it’s possible to Keep the Love Alive. With the right home décor, it’ll be Young Love All Over Again.

You've heard it before - beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and color. Some of our favorite spaces (and people) are diminutive. (No, really.) The key is decorating a small space so that it feels comfortable and not cramped. Here are a few tricks we’ve learned over the years…

Full Monty

While we like Orange is the New Black as much as the next girl, the last thing we want to see under arrest is good furniture. One of the biggest conundrums (conundra?) in decorating, once you’ve selected your star pieces, is where exactly to put them. Resist the temptation to push them all against available walls unless you’re planning on hosting a neighborhood version of So You Think You Can Dance. Instead, try “floating” your seating pieces in the middle of the room so that you, and your guests, can enjoy the view of their, ahem, backsides.