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Matt’s Designer Tricks

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I’m in the midst of a decorating project and I thought I’d share a few designer tricks that I’m relying on as I go through the process (and that I know will help you when you embark on your next project).

Living Rooms: they're not just for sitting anymore

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When working with clients these days, I've noticed that the formal living room is increasingly a thing of the past. Unless I am decorating a very large home, most of the time I'm looking at a great room that needs to perform double duty.

The Boy's Room: Give The Guy Some Love

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bluGloss Chief Designer Matt O'Dorisio on how to give your (small-ish) guy a space he'll love...and so will you.

Back to School: How to Make the Buzzkill a Little More Bearable.

No one wants to talk about school mid-summer, but -- like it or not --
the train will soon be pulling into the station.

The good news that accompanies thinking about school now is that there
is ample time to get organized.

Maybe you have a space that you can convert into a study room (lucky you!)?

We love the functionality of these set-ups.