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Muffy, Buffy and All Things Preppy

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Pass the plaid and monogrammed (anything), and bring on the pink and green – preppy is back (did it ever go away?) in a big way. (To those of you who never quit your Le Sportsac bag, we applaud you.)

Life is Art: A Tribute to Lou Reed

As the saying goes, life is art.  

There are many examples of this philosophy at work. At bluGloss, we focus every day on  the unique spaces that people create and inhabit. As extensions of the people who create them, we believe those spaces constitute art. This is but one embodiment of the philosophy. Thankfully, art inhabits innumerable facets of our planet.

Singing the Blu(es)

You might’ve guessed, we’re partial to blu(e). We love it for its beauty and versatility (did you know that “blueness" is a real word?); there’s a blue for any mood, any vibe and any size room. It’s the ultimate neutral. While we could pontificate about this color until we are blue in the face (ba da dum), we’ll spare you the jibber-jabber and present you instead with some visuals so you can see for yourself how to “do blue” (images courtesy of Elle Décor and Lonny).

Full Monty

While we like Orange is the New Black as much as the next girl, the last thing we want to see under arrest is good furniture. One of the biggest conundrums (conundra?) in decorating, once you’ve selected your star pieces, is where exactly to put them. Resist the temptation to push them all against available walls unless you’re planning on hosting a neighborhood version of So You Think You Can Dance. Instead, try “floating” your seating pieces in the middle of the room so that you, and your guests, can enjoy the view of their, ahem, backsides.

Design 101

Stumped about how to start a design project? Let us shed a little fabulous, one-of-a-kind light on the subject...

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